Family || Portell / by Madeline Harper

Hey friends! Life here in Nashville has been a dream, I love the fall colors and all the beautiful weather. It's lovely getting to experience four real seasons. I've had the joy of meeting this family through a mutual friend and goodness, am I so grateful! We had such a fun day playing in the leaves. This family is ridiculously photogenic, it helps having a mom that was a professional photographer. I loved that they weren't afraid to be goofy- this shoot was a blast! Landon started off grumpy but after about five teddy graham bribes he started to warm up to the camera. This family absolutely defines southern hospitality, after the chilly shoot we went back to their house for some hot cocoa. I couldn't be more excited to share this gorgeous family with you all! Happy fall, and enjoy the photos! 

Portell Family001.jpg
Portell Family010.jpg
Portell Family031.jpg