Anniversary || Olivia + Lee / by Madeline Harper

Hey my friends! I hope life finds you terrific- I've been in three states in the past four days. December promises to be just as full and overflowing with photography! I can't wait to share a bit of what I've been working on. I had to hold one of my favorite shoots back while it was waiting to be featured. It recently went up on Cottage Hill Magazine (a beautiful publication that you need to go check out after you finish reading my ramblings. Trust me, your eyes will thank you later).

I met Olivia and Lee when I moved here to Nashville, and this beautiful couple was gracious enough to open their home to me for this shoot. Their last photos were taken at their wedding a year previous so this doubled as an anniversary session. Lee and Olivia have a warm home full of simplicity and intentional detail alike. They wanted a home that was minimal with touches of mid century modern and ample plant life! Their welcoming spirits are reflected in their home- a place that is comfortable and open for all to visit. This couple was a delight to photograph, as genuine and easy going in front of the lens as they were without it. We spent the majority of the session in their backyard, an open space full of hosting possibilities, appropriately named their favorite place in their home! It was an afternoon full of laughter and storytelling, new friendships and celebrating a home built upon a steadfast marriage. I was reminded that a home is only as good as the hearts in it, and Olivia and Lee have the most beautiful of both. Enjoy the images, friends!