Wedding || Ashley + Karl / by Madeline Harper

Well, the award for worst blogger officially goes to me! I have been awful about updating my little corner of the webisphere. But here I am, armed with copious amounts of coffee and Jack Johnson blaring in my ears, to correct this terrible flaw! I hope your lives have been a beautiful mix of adventure and rest. Today I bring you one of the most relaxed and intentional couples I have met to date! Ashley and Karl met on mission and still serve together to advance the Kingdom. This couple had a love that lasted through time and distance. We took their engagement pictures the week of their wedding! A first time for me, and it just brought so much joy and anticipation for their big day! Their wedding day focused on those they love coming to celebrate. It was a time spent investing in others and taking the focus off of themselves. Gosh, what a picture of Christ. So here I bring you two sweet new friends, Karl and Ashley!  


Hope you enjoy! Leave them lots of love and well wishes. And I promise, more blogs to come sooner rather than a month later! Love and sunshine, friends.