Seniors || Imperial Girls / by Madeline Harper

It's not often you meet a family as welcoming as the Imperials. I first met these girls parents in a home church I was attending, but they quickly became more than just group leaders. They opened their door and welcomed me with wide arms and overflowing amounts of home cooked international cuisine- the secret way to my heart! These two senior girls, Abby and Katie, take after their parents gorgeous hearts. I got the joy of photographing the twin girls as their older sister, Rachel, and mom, Becky, tagged along! It was an afternoon filled with laughter and model poses, makeshift roadside dressing rooms and traipsing through fields. These girls are radiant and the camera reflects that, leave them tons of love as they run full force into this new season of adventures and college! [Abby is the first solo session, Katie is the second, Rachel the third]