Engaged || Avery + Ray / by Madeline Harper

Hi friends! I hope the weather where you're at is as beautiful as Nashville this week. The sun is finally shining, the sky is clear, and I'm definitely spending my afternoon outside! ! I am beyond excited to share Avery and Ray's engagement session with you today. I can't say enough great things about this couple: I've gotten to know them over the past three years or so while doing Young Life in the same city. Avery (or Dave, the only name I've called her for the past three years) is the raddest person I know. She's always willing to drop everything and play outside, go on crazy adventures, and never hold back from laughing. I also got to go backpacking this summer with Ray in Colorado with a group of high school kids- let me tell you, nothing bonds you more than freezing in a tent on a mountain and struggling to get feeling back in your toes. Avery and Ray are so full of life, they're adventurous and genuine and full of laughter. No other couple has started singing rap songs to each other on set to get natural smiles. I could go on for days about them. They braved a chilly day and a whole lot of mud for these pictures and were willing to make a bonfire for it! [Please note: any smoke in the pictures is from standing by the fire, I do not smoke and did not decide to take up smoking on this shoot!] I can't wait to capture their wedding day, I know it will be one for the books. PLUS these cool kids are moving to Denver, so I'm guessing future Colorado road trips are in store. Enjoy the images and leave this ridiculously good looking couple lots of love!