Lifestyle || Alex / by Madeline Harper

Happy Wednesday, friends! I first met Alex back in May at a photographers headshot swap. [Yes, that is a real thing! She's the talented lady who took my about me photo]. She is incredibly gifted at photography and running her business, Alex Thornton Photography. But what set her apart to me wasn't just her skill at this craft, it was the genuine way she approaches community. Alex has a gift for bringing people together and finding common ground with them. She is gracious, humble, and uplifting. Time spent with her is always life giving. I am thrilled for a chance to celebrate this friend who dreams big, fosters community, and chases creativity with abandon. It's not often you meet friends of this quality who you both look up to and have the chance to collaborate with.

This is a special lifestyle post today!  About a month ago Alex and I met up for tea to chat about life. We started floating the idea of getting back to the roots of why we started these photography businesses- a love of creatively and beautifully capturing life. We decided to meet up for coffee and bring our cameras for no other reason than to spur on creativity. [You would probably be concerned if you knew how much coffee was consumed during this] This session is on of the sweetest to share, simply because it is coming from a place of joy in what we get to do.  PLUS it just happens to be this babe's birthday- so feel free to reach out and give her some birthday love! Alex, I wish you the best of days. You deserve to be celebrated!

Love + an abundance of ice cream!