Engaged || Jackie + Charles by Madeline Harper

These two right here are what dreams are made of, y'all. Jackie + Charles had me meet them out on the land where they're getting married. We laughed the entire session, talking about dreamy food and adventurous overseas outings. I may or may not be trying to go to their Argentina trip as their personal photographer.... Their session held incredible all linen outfits, a bottle of wine, and a love that couldn't help but shine on camera. I cannot wait for their 2018 wedding and the images to come! 


Engaged || Haley + Mike by Madeline Harper

Y'all, as I write this I'm watching a Harry Potter movie, listening to the rain with an open window, and drinking a glass of wine. This is the life. Also, I realize I am absolutely awful at keeping up with this blog.

I just had to share the beauty of Haley and Mike before their wedding day this weekend [and I'm not allowed to share Haley's bridal session yet, but I'm counting down the days]! I can't wait to get these babes in front of my camera again, because they seriously know how to model. Mike played football for Texas A&M so we got to go onto the field for a portion of the session. I spent four years in the stands and finally got to play on the field! Enjoy the images and send this deam couple tons of well wishes! 

PS- I think their "Holy cow we're getting married" faces at the end are my all time favorite! 

Engaged || Becca + Will by Madeline Harper

Happy New Year, my friends! I hope this season has been full of rest and celebrations. This session I'm sharing today is so near to my heart. Becca has been a friend for a few years now, we've had the chance to shoot so many weddings together and watch each others businesses grow! Now I have the joy of capturing this engagement and wedding season for her and her fiancé, Will. They were a blast to have in front of my camera. Send them tons of love and well wishes!

Engaged || Hannah + Nick by Madeline Harper

Happy Thursday! I had a blast on this engagement session with Hannah + Nick. They braved a steep descent into the greenbelt after some rainy weather for some hiking around to get to the perfect location for photos! They exuded joy and a sweet love for each other. My favorite part had to be when they danced in front of the camera- my goodness, Hannah's dress was made for twirls! It made me even more ready for their upcoming spring wedding. Make sure to leave them lots of love and well wishes!

Engaged || Ashlea + Erik by Madeline Harper


Happy Monday, y'all! Today is the best because I get to bring you one of the dreamiest sunrise engagement sessions to date. Ashlea + Erik are both from Brenham, home of Bluebell. You know it's going to be a perfect session when they bring a gallon of ice cream to eat at 7am- my kind of people. These two are so sweet and adventurous, they were willing to drive to Austin for this session. It was a dream, especially with these two models! Make sure to leave them lots of love! 

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Engaged || Brooke + Will by Madeline Harper

Happy Monday, friends! Need a gorgeous couple as a pick-me-up to start the week off right? Me too. Meet Brooke + Will. Brooke and I just happened to share a home [and a room] in college. She and Will met working Pine Cove Camps and fell in love over a shared last name and love of ministry. They exude joy and excitement, we couldn't stop laughing at their session! They braved the Texas heat and a dock filled with fishermen to take these photos at the beautiful White Rock Lake in Dallas. They also traipsed through a field at dusk and let me pose them for well over an hour. My camera and I couldn't get enough of these models! This engagement session reminded me exactly why I love what I do- I hope you love the images, my dear friends! Can't wait to stand beside y'all saying "I do" in April! Love + Freedom Friendship.

Engaged || Alysa + Jake by Madeline Harper

Happy Thursday! I am beside myself to bring you this engagement session today. I met Alysa my freshmen year at Texas A&M. Little did I know at the time, she would quickly become a roommate and one of my dearest friends on this planet. Jake I met my sophomore year through Young Life. He is one of the most genuine friends you could have. This couple is the most beautiful kind of humble, on fire for the Lord, and generous with their love. They have taught me what it means to be a constant friend, how to trust in Truth, and how to be selfless. Alysa + Jake, it was a joy to take these photos. I love walking through life with y'all and can't wait for the years to come! [p.s. check out some of the outtakes at the end, they are the most hilarious people you will ever meet.] Love + Sunshine + Endless Friendship. 


Engagements || Kaitlyn + Michael by Madeline Harper

Happy 2015, my friends! I'm excited to kick off this new year with a December engagement session from one of my favorite parks in Nashville. This couple, Kaitlyn and Michael, were completely relaxed and natural in front of the camera. Which was awesome, considering it was freezing and a bird may have left a surprise on Kaitlyn's dress within three minutes of starting the session. But no worries, they laughed it off and had a blast!  These two barely had to be posed. What a gorgeous pair- the camera loved them! Hope you have a beautiful Wednesday, stay cozy!


Engaged || Katie + John by Madeline Harper

Hey friends! I can't wait to share this gorgeous Austin session with y'all, it's been too long since I've shot engagements. I first got contacted by this couple via the groom- a first for me! The more I emailed John and later, Katie, the more this couple grabbed my attention. They were both so excited for their photos but even more so to have a photographer that shared the same values and passion for life! The first email from Katie I received, she shared her heart for the Lord openly and inspiringly. I knew from the start we'd be great friends. Plus, they were up for the adventure of having an out of state photographer. Katie and John blew me away with their playfulness and authenticity. They were engaging and open and we about used the whole time talking at a coffee shop about life! I am so looking forward to shooting their September wedding. It's couples like these that make me adore my job and the chances it brings to form lasting relationships. So enjoy the photos and make sure to drop a comment telling both of these model-like babes just how gorgeous they are! Love and sunshine and happy Thursday!