Engaged || Jackie + Charles by Madeline Harper

These two right here are what dreams are made of, y'all. Jackie + Charles had me meet them out on the land where they're getting married. We laughed the entire session, talking about dreamy food and adventurous overseas outings. I may or may not be trying to go to their Argentina trip as their personal photographer.... Their session held incredible all linen outfits, a bottle of wine, and a love that couldn't help but shine on camera. I cannot wait for their 2018 wedding and the images to come! 


Bridals || Hayley by Madeline Harper

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm thrilled to introduce you to my gorgeous friend, Hayley McQuaid. She has one of the most beautiful hearts and just so happens to look like a Disney princess. I've been friends with her and her husband for about five years so taking her bridals was a joy- yes, maybe a few tears were shed. Hayles + Carter, I love y'all something fierce and was so honored to be a part of your big day. 


Engaged || Haley + Mike by Madeline Harper

Y'all, as I write this I'm watching a Harry Potter movie, listening to the rain with an open window, and drinking a glass of wine. This is the life. Also, I realize I am absolutely awful at keeping up with this blog.

I just had to share the beauty of Haley and Mike before their wedding day this weekend [and I'm not allowed to share Haley's bridal session yet, but I'm counting down the days]! I can't wait to get these babes in front of my camera again, because they seriously know how to model. Mike played football for Texas A&M so we got to go onto the field for a portion of the session. I spent four years in the stands and finally got to play on the field! Enjoy the images and send this deam couple tons of well wishes! 

PS- I think their "Holy cow we're getting married" faces at the end are my all time favorite! 

EDITORIAL || Fresh Fall Elopement by Madeline Harper

Woah. I can't even tell you what a dream come true this shoot was for me. Early into moving to Austin, I contacted Kali of Kindle and Gather, a wedding designer, to help make a vision come to life. We met over the next couple months at so many coffee shops to work out details, specifically our dream team of vendors we were dying to work with. Countless cappuccinos later, and this shoot came together without a hitch. It was featured over on Grey Likes Weddings a few weeks ago! From the table runner with a favorite poem scripted on it [written below], to the lush organic florals, to the cake that ended up being my dinner later that evening, this shoot was everything I dreamed of and more. Here are some of my favorites from the day, including a list of amazing vendors at the end! 

The First Marriage, by Peter Meinke. 
imagine the very first marriage a girl
and boy trembling with some inchoate
need for ceremony a desire for witness:
inventing formality like a wheel or a hoe
in a lost language in a clearing too far from here
a prophet or a prophetess intoned to the lovers
who knelt with their hearts cresting
like the unnamed ocean thinking This is true
thinking they will never be alone again
though planets slip their tracks and fish
desert the sea repeating those magic sounds
meaning I do on this stone below
this tree before these friends yes in body
and word my darkdream my sunsong yes I do
I do

Photography: MADELINE HARPER PHOTOGRAPHY // Styling: KINDLE AND GATHER  // Florals: BRISTOL LANE // Calligraphy: KINDRED PAPERY // Venue: THE CONTEMPORARY AUSTIN // Film Lab: THE FIND LAB // Rentals: 10TH COLLECTION // Cake: SIMPLY DELICIOUS CUSTOM CAKES // Hair + Makeup: Hannah Zieschang // Models: Jillian + Colton Moore // Dress: UNBRIDALED

Engaged || Becca + Will by Madeline Harper

Happy New Year, my friends! I hope this season has been full of rest and celebrations. This session I'm sharing today is so near to my heart. Becca has been a friend for a few years now, we've had the chance to shoot so many weddings together and watch each others businesses grow! Now I have the joy of capturing this engagement and wedding season for her and her fiancé, Will. They were a blast to have in front of my camera. Send them tons of love and well wishes!

Engaged || Hannah + Nick by Madeline Harper

Happy Thursday! I had a blast on this engagement session with Hannah + Nick. They braved a steep descent into the greenbelt after some rainy weather for some hiking around to get to the perfect location for photos! They exuded joy and a sweet love for each other. My favorite part had to be when they danced in front of the camera- my goodness, Hannah's dress was made for twirls! It made me even more ready for their upcoming spring wedding. Make sure to leave them lots of love and well wishes!

Lifestyle || Kali by Madeline Harper

Hey y'all! Let's just call it for what it is, I'm terrible at keeping up with this blog! But I've had some exciting work over the last few months that I'd love to share. So cheers to new beginnings and committing to keep this website up more! Up first is my beautiful friend Kali, owner and brilliant mind behind Kindle and Gather. She is a gem of a human, if you don't know her, you should! She let me take her head shots on film and then we got to work on a super special project together [more coming soon...]. Friends, meet Kali! 

Bridals || Ashlea by Madeline Harper

I am so excited to finally be able to share this session! Ashlea was a stunning bride- her session was filled with laughter and family. But even more gorgeous is her heart, sweet and compassionate and inviting. It was a joy to be a part of your wedding, my friends. Happy honeymooning, Ashlea + Erik! 


Wedding || Samantha + Tyler by Madeline Harper

With a bride and groom as sweet as Samantha + Tyler, I knew this day was sure to be a blast. This couple set aside a few hours in between their ceremony and reception to take a limo downtown for photographs in downtown Nashville! Their wedding party was so much fun to spend the afternoon with and a blast to watch on the dance floor. I couldn't have asked for better families to work with at this wedding. What a joy filled day!

Wedding || Haley + Andrew by Madeline Harper


Happy Fri-yay blog! Nothing beats a fall wedding, especially with these two beauties as your couple. Haley + Andrew were a dream to work with, completely relaxed on their wedding day despite the forecasted rain. Their first look was a perfect moment followed by the rain holding off just long enough for a gorgeous outdoor ceremony! I couldn't get enough of Haley wearing her mom's cathedral veil. The whole day was a blast. [Especially when this newly married couple decided to raise the Kraken from the lake, pictures to come.] Their exit was made romantic and personal with heart shaped sparklers! Thanks Cedarwood, for hosting such a beautiful event. Hope your holiday week is beautiful, make sure to leave this couple tons of newlywed love. 

Venue: Cedarwood Weddings 
Second Shooter: Ashley Posthuma 

Wedding || Leigh Ann + Sean by Madeline Harper

Happy Friday, my friends. We made it to the weekend! I can't wait for y'all to see this sweet wedding. I knew Sean in college, we were in the same small group my junior year. I got to know the house of guys he lived in and let me just say- I love this group of friends, I've actually had the chance to shoot a few of their weddings. This one definitely stood out as being joy filled- Leigh Ann and Sean couldn't contain their giddy laughter under that huge oak tree during the ceremony. It was an honor to be a part of such a sweet day. It was held at the Winfield Inn, a stunning venue in Texas. This couple had a killer dance party at the reception, let me tell you, that guest list knew how to get after the dance floor. It was a blast to photograph. Enjoy the photos, friends, I hope they let you relive this beautiful day time and time again. 

Venue: Winfield Inn
Second Shooter: Becca Gamache
Cake: Jazzy Cakes
Florals: Rebekah Cunningham
Coordinator: Liz Hayley

Engaged || Ashlea + Erik by Madeline Harper


Happy Monday, y'all! Today is the best because I get to bring you one of the dreamiest sunrise engagement sessions to date. Ashlea + Erik are both from Brenham, home of Bluebell. You know it's going to be a perfect session when they bring a gallon of ice cream to eat at 7am- my kind of people. These two are so sweet and adventurous, they were willing to drive to Austin for this session. It was a dream, especially with these two models! Make sure to leave them lots of love! 

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Engaged || Brooke + Will by Madeline Harper

Happy Monday, friends! Need a gorgeous couple as a pick-me-up to start the week off right? Me too. Meet Brooke + Will. Brooke and I just happened to share a home [and a room] in college. She and Will met working Pine Cove Camps and fell in love over a shared last name and love of ministry. They exude joy and excitement, we couldn't stop laughing at their session! They braved the Texas heat and a dock filled with fishermen to take these photos at the beautiful White Rock Lake in Dallas. They also traipsed through a field at dusk and let me pose them for well over an hour. My camera and I couldn't get enough of these models! This engagement session reminded me exactly why I love what I do- I hope you love the images, my dear friends! Can't wait to stand beside y'all saying "I do" in April! Love + Freedom Friendship.

Wedding || Avery + Ray by Madeline Harper

Happy Thursday my friends!

I am back in Texas to shoot a wedding this weekend and bringing you another sweet shoot from this state! God bless my Texas brides. Avery + Ray's day was such a party- these two were just as much fun on their wedding day as they were during engagements. Their wedding party consisted of 22 people, not including them! It was a joyful celebration that even the rain couldn't keep down. I have also never seen such a dance party as I have at their reception- this couple's first dance was absolutely hilarious [interpretive dancing, anyone?]. This wedding was such a sweet day and a joy to photograph for dear friends. I can't wait to see where life in Denver takes these two. So grab a mug of coffee, scroll through these photos, and wish them all the happiness in the world!

Wedding || Becca + Brady by Madeline Harper

There is nothing more beautiful than your first wedding in a new city. I loved being a part of Becca and Brady's intimate Nashville wedding! It was held at an incredible chapel in the heart of the city. Their day was centered around celebrating relationships and was a joy to shoot. Becca and Brady's first look was magical, they took the time to pause and savor the specialness of their wedding day. They even took a risk and asked me to shoot some of their portraits on film- a first for me! It ended up being love at first click. Enjoy the images and have a beautiful Wednesday! Love + Sunshine + All Things Pretty. 

Bridals || Sydney Yeager by Madeline Harper

I am snagging a much needed break from packing because I cannot wait any longer to share these photos! A couple weeks ago I got to take bridals of my old roommate, Sydney. I then went backpacking for a week, found out I have a job in Nashville, and am now packing up and getting ready for the 13 hour roadtrip tomorrow! What a whirlwind of a week! In the midst o it all I got to stand beside one of my very best friends as she said "I do" to the man of her dreams! If you remember Sydney and Tim from their engagement photos back in February, you will recall how fun loving and gorgeous they are! Well this day of shooting Sydney's bridals was nothing short of the same! We got so lucky with locations, Waco offered us some amazing and unexpected gems. Im so excited to finally be able to share what a gorgeous bride she made. Sydney- you are absolutely radiant and I am forever grateful for getting the joy of sharing a home with you! So here they are, my friends. Enjoy and then go tell a friend you love them.