Rebranded || Madeline Harper Photography / by Madeline Harper

My Friends! Oh I am so beyond excited!! The day is here- I have been working alongside the incredibly talented Whitney Farnsworth to rebrand my business from Harper Photography to Madeline Harper Photography. Why? 

There are times where we are offered a chance to start again. They normally come in the form of new years, clean slates, and in this case, a move across the country! I want this business to reflect who I am, what I believe in, and what makes my soul sing. I want my business and my brand to have a clear vision and a renewed passion for pursuing what I love. So in November, I reached out to Whitney with the idea of switching names and brands to something that reflected not only my growth in the past year, but the direction with which I want to move forward. And y'all, she nailed it. She sent me page after page of beautiful logo drafts, it took me days to decide between them all! I am beyond thankful for her help with this project and the talent she has for hearing a dream and making into a tangible product. The logo was underway, but the dreaming had just begun. I sat down and started making a list of things that I dearly love, things that make me feel alive, and things that I am most excited about creating. Here is a glimpse at my some of my list-

-bright clean images
-cozy in home lifestyle sessions
-couples who aren't afraid to laugh
-traveling for photography
-weddings with unique moments
-intentional details
-couples who love first looks
-humanitarian photography
-creative collaboration
-outdoor explorations
-any and all flowers
-sweet anniversary sessions
-vibrant colors + vibrant personalities
-natural lighting
-simplicity and purpose

So here's to a new season of dreaming! I am currently booking 2015-2016 weddings, anniversary sessions, and lifestyle shoots, as well as finding nonprofits and missions organizations to collaborate with. This year is about casting a vision to a better and more purpose filled business! I adore what I do and am so grateful to be able to call this a career. The dream: I love to shoot engagements and weddings, to walk with a couple through the planning process and find sweet ways to make their day even more special. It's been such a wonderful new addition this year to photograph anniversary sessions for couples as well. I can't get enough of genuine people who are deeply in love- oh it makes my heart giddy! Feel free to shoot me an email, tell me about your love story, and trust me to capture your special day. I love to travel the states to photograph weddings, Tennessee and Texas and everywhere else is on my shoot list! So don't be shy in reaching out if you don't live in the same place. Another thing that fires me up is collaborating with other creatives, working with designers, other photographers, artists. The potential we hold when we work together and encourage each others gifts is unreal! I'd love this year to hold a beautiful creative community filled with pushing each to new heights and  I recently got back from Uganda which reignited a desire to photograph overseas and provide organizations with quality images for marketing and social media. So that's the vision- lifestyles, weddings, and everything in between! Y'all, this is going to be a big year. I am able to dive into this dream headfirst and full force! I couldn't be more thrilled. So enjoy the new site- curl up with a cup of coffee [or whatever you'd like], explore, and feel free to stay a while!


Love + Sunshine,
Madeline Harper